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T-shirt screen printing that's easy and fun

The first stage of screen printing is the process of taking the artwork and separating it into its colours. Each colour component is then setup on its own screen, which only allows ink to transfer through the regions of the artwork. In a multi-colour artwork the screens are registered and each colour is printed separately to produce your design. This method has a number of variables, including pressure, screen mesh, inks, and heat curing that are customized for each design, to ensure the best quality print. Once your design is set up, we can print anywhere from 50 to 50,000 items and the set up remains the same—be it for band t shirts or another application. This method is ideal for production printing and large orders as the costs will be more affordable per garment, and the resulting prints are durable, consistent, and of premium quality.


Cheap screen printing for AUSTRALIA , CANADA and USA

Here at NODE CLOTHING , it is our goal to be the number one in quality when it comes to screen printing in AUSTRALIA, CANADA and USA. We are constantly innovating when it comes to printing and print quality, whether you’re after standard plastisol prints and vibrancy, or soft hand-feel and vintage appeal. We customise our print methods to produce the solution you’re seeking, and we pride ourselves on creating high quality and long-lasting prints.


Our service process


When preparing artwork for spot colour t shirt printing we need to be able to access, isolate, and separate each colour of the artwork, and this is why flattened artwork files like jpegs are generally not suitable. We require vectored artwork files (.ai, .eps, .pdf), or Photoshop files (.psd). We understand that file types can be a foreign subject and that’s why our designers and printers are available to answer your questions.

It’s important to remember that the quality of your print—whether for custom t shirts or band t shirts—can only be as good as the quality of the artwork file that creates it. We recommend spending the time on getting your artwork file right to ensure that it prints exactly as you want it. Our Graphic Design Team can help you with this.

Methods & Specialty Inks

At Node Clothing, we offer a variety of cheap screen printing methods and speciality inks. We customise our service to produce the solution you’re seeking—whether it’s for custom t shirt needs or band t shirts. We offer a range of custom t shirt printing options, including: Spot Colour, Full-Colour Process, Simulated Process, Photographic Halftone, Rubber color, Pub color And many more. Water based inks may be of interest for aesthetic reasons, soft hand feel, and reduced impact on the environment. Water-based inks also produce a finish that is more matte than plastisol inks. The environment is important to us, which is why we offer water-based inks as part of our Goal. Green Printing Packages and run our factory on solar power to reduce effects on the environment. Discharge printing is ideal for soft hand feel and aesthetic purposes. It can also remove dye from coloured fabrics to enable the colours printed over top to be vibrant, removing the need for thick base prints.

Shipping & Delivery

We ship to anywhere in Australia, Canada and USA . Delivery time is dependent on your city and state. Rural areas and Western Australia generally require longer delivery times. Usually it takes 7-12 days from deposit to deliver . ( Manufacturing and shipping time 7-12 days)

Turnaround Time

Our standard turnaround time is 7-12 working days from date of deposit. We do offer an DHL express service if you need something urgently for an additional fee. Feel free to ask us about this. Our t shirt printing is available across Australia, Canada and USA.

Minimum Orders

Our minimum order is 20 units per design for custom or band t shirt and screen printing. This includes variations in sizes and type of garments as long as the print remains the same. We can also print sample ranges, however these will be done on an hourly rate basis.

For quoting purposes please attach artwork files or images whenever possible and indicate print colours, placements and approximate sizes where applicable.

Because the time to setup a design remains the same regardless of whether you’re printing 0 or 5000 t-shirts, the per print price decreases as the number of units per design increases.


The number of colours in your artwork directly determines the cost of producing your design. This is because each colour is setup and printed separately.

We will match your supplied artwork with a CMYK colour in order to go to print.


You can chose any fabric you want . we have a wide range of different fabrics sample .


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